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As a qualified Remedial Therapist, I appreciate and support clients wellbeing holistically.

After 20 years as a Marketing Manager, raising a child as a sole parent and living 1,000's kilometres away from family; I took the opportunity to re-skill in my early 40's.

In my 20's, I ran on the merry-go-round of life, raising my daughter, working full-time, studying part-time. A car accident at 25, saw me seek alternative therapy of acupuncture, then massage to remove pain.

As an active sports person all my life, I've had a ruptured achillies and 2 knee reconstructions. I've spent approximately 5 years in rehab.

When I started my massage business, I focused on increasing my skills through technical work and becoming a solution focused therapist. Working on the NRL Cowboys players and service personnel to gain the experience required.

As my own body has matured with sneaky age related concerns, I have adapted my skills to work with all facets of the body, mind and soul holistically.

I have worked as a solo therapist, ran a successful clinic with 6 therapists and also juggled two businesses.

Pain in the body can be physical, or emotionally and that is the basis of foundation and my sport of outrigging, which I started my second business as a Life Coach. Through using our minds (the most powerful tool in the body), we can work and overcome anything we set out to do, achieve, obtain or find solutions for.

My goal for each client is to be the best they can be through mind and body work.

Your Time and My Value

I value you as a client and respect that each client has different ideas and thoughts on how their wellness treatment are undertaken.

  • In our initial discussion on your treatment I will ask you about the types of massages you have previously had or if you are new to the massage treatment experience
  • After we discuss your treatment plan for the session and the session has started, we will also check with you on your feedback, particularly on the pressure that I am using or the tools I use to ensure I have covered your comfort and well-being as a priority
  • If you are uncomfortable with how you are lying or have any extreme discomfort, I ask that you inform me during the session. Please do not leave it until the end of the session to inform me something didn’t feel quite right or you were uncomfortable
  • I do ask that you respect my qualifications and training and understand that I use many different skills to assist you with your treatment. My full intention is to improve your well-being and ailments as best as I can

Cancellation/No Show

  • Any appointment rescheduling/changes within 24 hours will incur a 50% rescheduling fee
  • Cancellation of appointments under 24 hours will incur a full fee payment of that cancellation appointment at your next appointment*
  • Please respond to the SMS message as a SMS response to change/amend your appointment (do not call the number as it is an automatic number generate by my booking system)
  • I will only check my phone before starting my day, at my lunch break and at the end of the day

* Unforeseen circumstances (eg. Family tragedy, illness, redundancy, accident etc) will be taken into account with cancellation fee


In these challenging times (COVID pandemic) I ask that you respect the health directives of governing bodies.

  • If you have any type of illness, are sick with the cold or flu; I ask that you do not come for your appointment.
  • The cold/flu is a contradiction with massage and it will make you feel more unwell and for longer if you attend to have a massage
  • In all honesty I see many clients each week and do not want to get sick myself and spread germs around between clients
  • I appreciate that sometimes you just wake up feeling awful and ill and I will take this into consideration with our cancellation policy if you phone to reschedule on the day of your treatment
  • If you do not advise me that you are unwell and will not be attending your appointment, unfortunately you will still incur the cancellation fee of 100%*

It's all about growth for you ...

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