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Managing Your Mind, Body & Soul

Over 10 years ago, I started my own, real self discovery journey; although at the start of this incredible journey, I had no idea how amazing and enlightening it would be.

I've always been active, continuing sport into my adult life. Bless those parents that put their kids in sport, it teaches us values in life, communication, how to work through defeat and ultimately gives us a sense of belonging and self esteem. However, a hectic lifestyle as a Marketing Manager, working full-time while raising my daughter and adding part-time study into the mix, started to take it's toll...! I had a car accident at 25 (4th in a 10 car pile up) which lead to severe whiplash; resulting in migraines most of my life. This is where holistic therapies came into my life.

In my late 30s, I had a ruptured achillies and 2 x ACL reconstructions - all of which were rehabed within 5 years of each other. My body was starting to age, but I needed to keep my mind healthy and my body active.

As, I started to feel the depth of pushing constantly in my 20 & 30s and the broken body parts in my mid decades, I then chose to make a life decision about managing myself holistically. It started with the body, really focusing on growing strong through gym work and sports. Then I became a remedial therapist and my whole focus is about helping people manage their bodies. I love that I can help people work through their pain and discomfort and make them feel better than they were when they entered my studio.

I practice what I preach and manage my body to provide me the stamina to perform at my best both in business and in my personal life being an outrigger paddler (who loves the marathon races). See now in my 50s, I don't use the excuse that I don't have time, I can't because I'm too old or it's simply too tough. I adjust to work with what I put my body through.

A lot of our body pain comes from our physical torment we have provided to it. We are not machines...we are living cells that take time and age accordingly. We also need to focus more on our mental wellbeing. Which is why I also am a Life Growth Coach; because I have seen the pain in peoples bodies through migraines, headaches and overall poor body choices that play out as mental struggles. Just a pitch here; if you're interested in any type of focus on your mind, mindset, mindfulness, relieving the stresses in life or working through things that you struggle with; have a look at my website through Renew Yourself Mindset or book a 15 Minute Discovery call with me for a chat (it's all free)!

Why am I giving you all this history and info? ... because I do believe what we put into our body is what we get back. When we nourish, rejuvenate, relax and let our bodies restore to a state of eace and peace; we get to use this amazing human vehicle and go out and live life to the fullest.


Knowing how to chill out and relax is important for your mental and physical health, particularly if you’re going through a stressful time. Everyone needs time in their everyday lives to chill out and enjoy themselves, but it’s easy to forget to relax when things get busy. Taking time out, be present and to get a massage is a great benefit to assist with relaxing and looking after yourself.

If you make some chill-out time; you can expect to; keep your stress levels in check, sleep better, improve your mood, improve your memory and concentration.


Massage therapy is a practice of manipulating a persons muscles and other soft tissue to assist and restore the body back to its natural state.

Massage can assist with problem areas like painful backs, DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)and rehabilitation from soft tissue injuries. It also can assist in settling the parasympathetic nervous system which is sometimes referred to as the rest and digestive system. 

Energy work coupled with massage assists to reduce emotional discomfort within the body.

Couple with restorative and mindfulness facials to complete an overall; mind, body and soul experience. 


The ‘renew’ meaning sheds light on the principles of mind, body and soul experience - ‘giving a fresh start or giving strength’.

Often our bodies, minds and spirits are screaming at us to help renew ourselves but we push through all the pain, discomfort, stress, frustration and warning signs; often until we are so broken it takes a fair amount of time to work through in restoring our inner and outer calm. 

Some of the benefits through renewing yourself include; decreasing our stress and anxiety levels and assisting with insomnia and reducing pain/ discomfort.

Calmness often can only be found when we take time out to care for ourselves.


When we 'rejuvenate' we breath new light into our bodies. The connection of massage, mindfulness, energy work and coaching not only helps the boyd but the mind and soul/spirit as well.

You often will hear topics of ‘Mind, Body & Soul’ connection. In this modern, hectic world and lifestyle we now lead, sometimes we forget to actually just stop, breath and rejuvenate ourselves to get back to a healthy state. 

Understanding how your body and mind work together. It is key for releasing the pain/discomfort

Put together realistic expectations based on your history, how you have treated your body and what you want to have/achieve for your body in the future

Set structure around how often you want your body and mind to feel great, relaxed and less stressed.

Feeling good physically takes energy. Change your thoughts around spending money on yourself - you are managing your body for your future.

Self care = self love.

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