Skills and Experience

These skills are what forms part of my toolkit. Just like my passion (as an outrigger paddler), I use equipment, skills and experience interrupting what outcome is needed. Usually, some type of relief from pain or discomfort. These skills and my experience over years of practice have shown and taught me not to use these as stand alone skills.

I combine all of my skills to enable an evolution of the end result for you as the client. Normally, seeing less pain or discomfort, more range of motion in limbs or less stress and rewiring your minds thoughts on what you can do with your body and mind (not what you can't do).

My holistic approach only forms part of the overall treatment plan. The hands on and mind work is lead by myself; as your Remedial Massage Therapist and a Life Coach. Allowing your body to relax and restore from the treatments.

The follow through and ultimate outcome is how much do you want to achieve the desired results. Will you take on board the homework, like stretching or change of habits to release what your body is telling you that you need to change through pain?

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a complementary therapy that aims to treat muscles that are damaged, knotted, tense or immobile. It is useful for a number of problems that affect the muscles, tendons and bones and can address a number of other health problems.

Remedial massage is used to locate and repair damaged areas of the body and speed up the body’s own healing processes. The pressure applied in this healing treatment can either be strong and deep or gentle and shallow, depending on the problem.

Problems with the muscles can trigger or radiate pain to other parts of the body. Remedial massage aims to trace the original reason for the pain, tackling both the cause of the problem and the symptoms.

Deep Tissue

Focusing on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness and sore shoulders.

When there is chronic muscle tension or injury, there are usually adhesions (bands of painful, rigid tissue) in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Adhesions can block circulation and cause pain, limited movement, and inflammation. Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down these adhesions to relieve pain and assist to restore normal movement.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a valuable treatment technique in managing chronic pain, acute pain, muscle stiffness and spasm, oedema/swelling and painful muscle trigger points.

Dry Needling uses a thin, flexible, sterile needle to promote muscle relaxation, while increasing the ability of tissue to heal and often results in pain relief. Dry Needling technique uses the same type of needles used in Acupuncture.


Cupping is one of the oldest forms of Chinese medicine. Cupping therapy is a process of suctioning or vacuuming sections of the body’s meridian system for the purpose of drawing out toxins, pain management, increasing blood flow, and promoting a healthier flow of chi energies.

Cups are applied on the body, can be moved around and can be left on for several minutes. Welt marks, an effect of the air pressure, could remain on the skin for up to fifteen days following your treatment. Cupping can be used by itself or as part of remedial massage therapy.

Hot Stones

Hot stone massage is a variation on classic massage therapy. Heated smooth, flat stones (not the ones from your garden!) are used on key points on the body.

The hot stones can be made of basalt, granite, marble or semi-precious stones, so they retain heat.

The stones are heated in an electric heater until they are within a certain temperature range. Stones are worked by your massage therapists as an extension of their hands and can be used for both relaxation and remedial/deep tissue work.

The heat of the stones warm and relax the muscles, which allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure, if desired.

The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system.

Mindfulness Facials

Facials infuse the mind, body and spirit essence. 

For most a facial is just about the skin, however at Rejuvenation Massage we incorporate a whole treatment that takes you to your calm place. Incorporate the mind to relax with a mindfulness treatment, add on touch therapies such as a back neck and shoulder or a foot massage; you will be happy and grateful you choose to restore and renew yourself.  

Rejuvenation Mindfulness Facial 

The ultimate chill out zone that renews your skin and also your mind. Be taken into a blissful state with our cleanse, exfoliate, mindfulness massage, mask + a mindfulness session and an amazing farewell ritual. 


Wellness Treatments

With our ever, busy lifestyles we all seem to lead, stress levels of world pandemics, the changes to our work and lifestyle; all of these have an impact and form part of our overall well-being for the present and our future.  

Wellness Treatments have been designed to adapt to your mind, body and spirit connection. To take the time to zen you out - with whatever you are feeling in the present state.

If you are anxious and stressed, maybe consider a Coaching, T.A.P & Massage treatment. If you would like to just totally switch off, enjoy being in the present select a Mindfulness Facial and/or Massage. 

Whatever your needs are, discuss your concerns with Fiona and she will design a package to suit 'you'.

Growth Coach

Change Your Life with Awesomeness!

Sometimes the toughest thing to do is take the first, little step to change your life. Inspire yourself to grow, through vulnerability and authenticity.

How would your life 'feel' if you moved through it with flow, ease and grace? The hurdles that came up would be worked through with clarity as you raise your self esteem and conquer life. Your sabotaging traits are a thing of the past and every time you jump out of bed you have a smile on your face, a happy vibe and are loving life fully. This can be YOU!

You will discover by working with me, inner peace, focus, you will evolve as you learn new skills to help you through your journey, you step into courage and inspire yourself constantly.

Through my programs, coaching and/or groups you will learn the skills to be able to manage yourself; with me as your Life Coach backing you all the way.

It's all about growth for you ...

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